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Our Story

For nearly 15 years, JC Grason (pronounced: "J.C. Grey-son") has helped make retirement dreams a reality for today's retirees. We specialize in working with retirees and those nearing retirement to preserve their wealth, plan their future and protect their legacy. With an emphasis on income maximization, tax minimization, wealth generation, and estate preservation, our comprehensive team approach to retirement planning is second to none.

Our story began after our founders witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of the market turmoil that followed 9/11. The tragedy of that day in and of itself was more than most could bear, but the affects were far-reaching and would be felt for many years to come. The market collapse that followed had a profound impact on so many people, but perhaps most significantly on those who were already in retirement or just approaching their retirement years. For far too many, their retirement dreams and what they had worked a lifetime for had been taken from them or altered forever by unimaginable events out of their control.

Recognizing a need for a fresh approach to retirement planning, our founders set out with a vision of helping others make their retirement dreams a reality in this "new" economy. Years later, we are humbled that our approach has helped those retirement dreams indeed become a reality for so many. For us though, it's merely just the beginning.

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