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It's estimated that 10,000 people a day are turning 65....an age where most begin to contemplate retirement. But will their retirement dreams become a reality? With all the recent market volatility, a new global economy, uncertainty of our country's Social Security system, an ever-growing national debt, rising medical costs, and so much more, today's retirees are perhaps faced with a more uncertain future than any before them. For that reason, now more than ever, these folks need the advice of team of experts to help guide their way.

Our successful business model and proven systems have been refined over the last 10 years specifically with the idea in mind of helping families achieve their retirement dreams in this new era. As an independent firm free from the restraints of selling any one product, our network of professionals including CPAs, CFPs, CFAs and Attorneys are able to provide advice centered around the unique needs of our clientele. At the same time, we’re setting a new standard for what’s expected of a financial professional with our consultative approach and cutting-edge strategies.

If you are a professional with a passion for helping others, looking for a jump start in a rewarding profession with tremendous opportunity, then contact us today at (888) CALL-JCG and ask to speak with our Brand Manager to learn more about our franchising opportunities and how you can become a part of this amazing story.

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